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Hello, we are AcornEval!

We are a small team of experienced consultants who specialize in ​providing professional and reliable program evaluation services to ​help you measure the impact of your programs and initiatives.

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How We Can Help

Data ​Reporting & ​Visualization

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Ensure your amazing ​results and key impacts ​don't go unnoticed.

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Surveys & ​Quantitative ​Analysis

Develop targeted ​protocols based on the ​latest literature, program ​and administer surveys, ​handle participant ​incentives, and analyze ​and report results—we've ​got you covered.

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Qualitative ​Analysis

From focus groups to ​individual interviews to ​content analysis, we ​specialize in coding, ​analyzing, and presenting ​all of your valuable ​qualitative data.


Proposal ​Preparation

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Can you ever have ​enough help with grant ​writing?

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We are experienced in ​helping teams work with ​their IRBs to get projects ​quickly off the ground.

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Want to ensure your ​knowledge and findings ​are disseminated to a ​larger audience and ​making a broader ​impact? So do we!

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About AcornEval

AcornEval is a small team of consultants dedicated to helping teams ​make data-driven decisions based on reliable data. We have over 15 ​years of experience in the evaluation and research arena, and a deep ​understanding of evaluation methodologies and tools. We specialize ​in developing customized evaluation plans that are tailored to your ​specific needs and goals, and we work closely with you throughout ​the process to ensure your success. Our evaluation consulting ​services are designed to help you (universities, nonprofits, ​government agencies, and more) measure the outcomes and ​successes of your programs and initiatives. We provide a range of ​services, including program evaluation, data analysis, reporting, and ​grant preparation assistance.

Acorns are a symbol of strength, growth, and transformation. An ​acorn—at its fullest potential—will grow into a mighty oak tree. Our ​team has a track record for helping clients recognize their successes ​and continue in their journey of growth.

We strive to promote the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion ​(DEI) in all of our work. Our aim is to provide comprehensive ​evaluation services that are culturally responsive, accessible, and ​committed to identifying and addressing systemic barriers to equity.

Reach out if you want ​to create impactful ​change together.

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